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Moldex 9400 Easy Lock Gas Filter ABEK1

Moldex 9400 Easy Lock Gas Filter ABEK1


Product Information

Moldex EasyLock® gas filter providing respiratory protection ABEK1 with Moldex 7000 and 9000 series respirator masks. The 9400 provides high level protection in a variety of areas making it very versatile and the ideal gas filter for most users. The great thing about Moldex's gas filters is that they don't need any adaptor to fit onto the any of the masks. It is also possible to attached a particulate filter onto the gas filter to provide all round protection against fumes and gases as well as dust/mist particles. The EasyLock® system makes the filter much simpler, requiring 30% less parts to manufacture. Moldex also pride themselves on the fact they use no PVC plastics at all in their products or packaging, making their products much more eco-friendly. 6 per box.

Gas Filter Model Colour Area Of Application
A Brown Organic gases and vapours, boiling point >65°C
B Grey Inorganic gases and vapours
E Yellow Acid gases (e.g. sulphur dioxide, hydrochloric acid)
K Green Ammonia
Gas Filter Class Maximum Use Level with 7000 Series Half Mask
1 1000ppm (0.1 percent by volume) or 10x WEL*
*Work Exposure Limit


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