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Terms and Conditions

Returning damaged, unwanted or faulty good

Mark1Safety holds the right to provide any customer with an order cancellation period in line with the Consumer Contracts Regulations. These regulations state that a customer has a cancellation period that starts the moment they place their order and ends 14 days after the day they take receipt of the purchased goods. If you wish to return an order, you will need to contact the retailer in those 14 days after receiving the item(s); you then have a further 14 days to return the item back to the seller.

If you receive a faulty item, you have the legal right to a refund if it is returned back to the retailer within 30 days of receiving the item. Should the fault be found after 30 days (but within 6 months), Mark1Safety holds the right to repair or replace the item if possible. If we cannot replace we will endeavour to provide a refund for the item.

Returning item(s) sent in error

Items sent in error will be accepted back for return and the correct item will be sent out in exchange. Mark1Safety will digress whether the item will be sent immediately, upon notification of wrongful fulfilment or whether it will be held until the original package is returned. This decision will take into account cost of order, cost of wrong item, delivery charges and delivery time. This is to protect both ourselves and the customer.

Pricing of Goods

All products on this website are correct at time of the checkout. Prices may be changed at any time.

All items adhere to the current 20% VAT rate. Our invoices are sent with VAT displayed separately.

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If you have any concerns regarding what information is above, or would like to ask any questions regarding our T&C's please contact us. We are available 8:00am-5pm Monday-Friday on 01432 353232.